Digital Integrated Supportive Supervision (Digital ISS) is a Mobile and Web platform for the collection and management of health data generated through regular supervision and survey. Digital ISS is designed to get rid of most of the limitations associated with traditional supervisory processes as well as the traditional method of data collection which is done using paper forms.

Features of the Platform

  • Monitor supervision in real time

  • Give instant feedback

  • Instant analysis of collected data

  • Instant decision making by combining data

  • Works in rural and hard to reach areas

  • Seamless offline and online data collection

  • Huge cost saver

  • Integrates with DHIS2
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    Digital ISS solves some key problems faced by government from the traditional supportive supervisory processes

  • Monitors supervision in real time and gives instant feedback.
  • Faster and more efficient data collection.

  • Real time analysis and summaries.

  • Accessible via web and mobile app.

  • Data can be collected both offline and online.
  • Loss of data is reduced to the barest minimum
  • Easy sharing and integration of collected data across
    all members of the supervisory team.
  • Forms can be easily updated and distributed.

  • Data sharing and collaboration.

  • Integrates with DHIS2.
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    Digital ISS helps simplify data collection and management as
    well as integrate the work of various supportive supervision
    sub-teams into a single cohesive unit.


  • The government can easily keep track of data collected in facilities at all levels.
  • Collected data can be monitored in real time and instant feedback can be given. This helps in effective supervision.
  • Analysis of the collected data is easier and instant which in turn helps the government to make effective decisions faster.
  • The Government with the aid of digital ISS can facilitate the provision of quality health care service to its citizens which in turn saves more lives.

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    Contact Information

    Address: Abuja Office: 8 Kukawa close, off Gimbiya street, close to Top Rank Hotel, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.
    Mobile: +234 902 1720 570